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My favorite music artists and their best songs in my opinion

Lana Del Rey ofc in the first place. I Recommend every song of hers. Especially Video Games and Summertime Sadness. Those songs are so nostalgic and always bring me back to happier times. Listen to whole Born To Die album. Also Norman F*cking Rockwell my favorite album of her. It always reminds me of Summer days and of summer 2017. it gives me thos vibes. NFR and Mariners Apartment Complex are the best songs on this album in my opinion. So yeah check her out.

The next artist gotta be Mitski. I’ve first time heard about her on tiktok. Francis Forever and Nobody are one of my favorite songs. Also i like Liquid Smooth.

Lorde, the youngest musician that got grammy when she was only 16, however she deserved it. Royals and Ribs are so good. I especially like Ribs because i felt exactly the same when i was going through the teenage period of my life. Also Writer in the Dark really good song.


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